Flower Collection During Shravana

August 1, 2018 – The Shravan (Sawan) month is synonymous with auspicious festivals and events. It is the best time to conduct all-important religious ceremonies, as almost all days in this month are auspicious for shubh arambh, i.e. good start. Shravan maas’ ruling deity is Lord Shiva.

Team Appeal Green has started the activities of collecting auspicious flowers deposited to various temples with onset of Shravan maas. Not only were they able to collect large quantities of flowers but also educate the people about the uses of Organic fertilizer made from these flowers. Vermicompost fertilizer produced from these auspicious flowers have a significantly larger amounts of nutrients over other organic fertilizers. Even small quantities of Vermicompost fertilizer can do wonders for growth of plants and trees.

Appeal Green is working with all the local temples and other places of worship in surrounding areas to collect as much as possible quantities of flowers during this month. They expect the monthly production of Vermicompost to double and hope to reach out at least 30% more buyers across UP and Delhi.