Recycled Flowers

Every Flower is a soul blossoming in nature! They are offered as gifts, offered to gods, exchanged as a token of love, used for decorations during festivals, and so many more purposes in various cultures, traditions and households. But in the process of all this, many flowers are not disposed of properly and are either dumped into land-fills or fill up the river beds. This happens especially in case of the flower offerings that are made in huge volume during festive seasons.

We aren’t talking you out of or shunning the age old religious practice of offering flowers but are spreading the message that these flowers don’t get disposed of in a proper manner. The volume of such flower waste is too large and mixed with other items from offerings hence unable to decompose naturally in time or a proper manner.

This improper practice of dumping the once beautiful flowers into rivers and land – fills when they are drying up and decomposing causes a lot of harm to the environment. To restore the planet that has been harmed due to such adversities, Appeal Green takes the flower waste, recycles it and converts them into 100% natural and organic fertilizers. The flowers are collected by us from local temples during the time of Shravana Maas, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, and other festivals when the offerings are at its peak and throughout the year.

Organic fertilizers primarily use recycled flowers and few other fully organic ingredients from our secret recipe book. They are as pure and chemical free as they can get. This is a double shot Appeal Green plays: Recycles flower waste AND feed the soil with a 100% natural organic fertilizer. The Vermicompost fertilizers (Prithvi Tatva) that are made by recycling the flower offerings have a higher ratio of nutrients over other types of organic fertilizers.

Appeal Green appeals to you to join them and contribute to the replenishment of our home, planet Earth! Buy Vermicompost fertilizers online!