Prithvi Tatva Worm Casting

Prithvi Tatva is an organic byproduct of vermiculture (composting with worms) used as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment. Appeal Green’s Worm Castings are produced by a special worm breed plus our ‘secret recipe’ and provides macro and micronutrients to the soil in a slow-feeding form. Prithvi Tatva is 100% pure Earthworm Castings in a concentrated formulation. Prithvi Tatva, when mixed at appropriate ratios, ranging from 1:3 to 1:10, as a top dressing or mixed with other soils/compost will increase plant growth rates and shorten germination time by up to 50%.

You will also enjoy significantly increased yields and larger more colorful fruits and vegetables. When used on flowers, you can expect more blooms with improved color and quality as well as bloom size.

Prithvi Tatva is:
– Made from auspicious flowers offered to God at places of worship
– 100% Pure Organic
– Much more nutritious than any other Vermicompost
– Organic certified as acceptable for use in organic production in accordance with various national organic standards