Organic Vermicompost

Feeding soil with chemical fertilizers will sure do the work but will also contribute to the deterioration of the soil at the same time. To make sure that the ground is fed with proper nutrients and to ensure its sustainability, organic fertilizers is the best option. Appeal Green’s product Prithvi Tatva is the natural Vermicompost organic fertilizer which contains highest amounts of 100% organic nutrients.

At Appeal Green, we try to make the Earth a better place to live. To ensure the same, earth’s soil has to be rich, pure and nourished for which organic fertilizers have to be used. Buy organic compost online India from Appeal Green and make the surface that grounds you more sustainable.

Vermicompost is made in the most natural form by Red Wiggler Earth Worms that produces compost by way of it’s daily biological life cycle. We, the people, don’t even consider Earth worms as substantial beings and tend to step on them or shove them aside from where we are but they are actually contributing more than us in the process of making the planet more organic and rich. Let us join the Earth Worms in the process of replenishing the planet and making it a better place for our offsprings who can enjoy the spring while they walk on fresh soil and breathe in fresh air.

Appeal Green works by decaying and drying up flowers before turning them into Vermicompost, an organic fertilizer. After the flowers have been offered to the gods in the temples, they either end up in the river bed or in landfills as they have no further use. We collect all the decaying flowers from the temples throughout the year with volumes peaking during the period of Shravan Maas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, other festivals – and produce Vermicompost from flower waste.

To help the planet and the plants, buy organic Vermicompost online from Appeal Green. Natural Vermicompost is the best organic compost product that can be used to nourish naturally.