Organic Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks have been used by South Asians for centuries and are a major part of their ritualistic practices. Incense sticks come in various types with different natural fragrances. Lighting an incense stick relieves you of your anxiety, calms you down, lowers your blood pressure and makes you relax spiritually. Appeal Green is organic incense stick manufacturers from whom you can buy incense sticks made from 100% natural organic materials so that you do not inhale any chemical or charcoal based components being burned.

Non – organic incense sticks are researched to be extremely harmful as when they burn they release toxic substances into the air which enter your lungs and could potentially damage them. On the other hand with Appeal Green’s 100% organic incense sticks, you need not worry about any toxins damaging your organs. Organic incense sticks are made with natural fragrance oils which soothe your nerves as well as give you that natural essence.

At Appeal Green, we produce incense sticks from flower waste which is as organic as it can get. The flower wastes are collected from temples where tonnes of flowers are offered to God and Goddesses during the Shravan Maas, Ganesh Chathurthi, Navratri and throughout the year on other such festivals. Buy incense sticks online and purify your body, home and soul.

Organic incense sticks are a better alternative to use when compared to the chemically composed incense sticks that are made to ease the process and provide more fragrances. But, you never know what kinds of chemicals are used in the incense sticks and what harm they are doing to your body.

Appeal Green uses 100% organic methods for creation of organic products to make lives more pure and restore the planet to its former state. We request you to join us in the process by purchasing organic products like organic incense sticks online.