Organic Fertilizer

Fertilisers solve the purpose of providing nutrition to the plants when they’re growing. But with the use of chemical fertilizers, the chemicals tend to weigh down the benefits of the nutrients. At Appeal Green, we use organic ways to make fertilizers that will provide nutrients to the plants like plants deserve. Chemicals cause imbalance! Let us restore the balance with providing the ground with the nutrition that it deserves. Appeal Green has taken a step towards conscious living and has organic fertilizers for sale.

The concept of zero waste is slowly picking up in the country and many organizations are trying to adopt it either as a part of their corporate social responsibility or as a part of the way that they function or would like to brand themselves as. Appeal Green is an active participant in it with their organic fertilizer production, the making of organic fertilizers for plants, the making of organic fertilizer for vegetables, etc.

Fertilizers from Waste Flowers

We are a population of highly religious people. Religion leads to praying which leads to offerings. Offerings in the form of flowers, fruits, jaggery, etc. are made to the Gods and Goddess. These are not consumed, used or disposed in a proper fashion and end up either at the bed of the river or in landfills after they dry up or decay. For flowers to end up like that is not fair. We, at Appeal Green, have come up with ways that these flowers can transform into organic fertilizers and fertilize the ground. Making organic products from flowers waste is a way in which Appeal Green tries to contribute to the restoration of this planet. This is done by the collection of flower, decaying flowers from various temples all year long which peaks during auspicious months like the Shravan Maas, Ganesh Chathurthi, Navratri, Deepawali – when the flower offerings are in abundance.

You can contribute to the nourishment of mother Earth and better quality of life by using organic compost which helps in the improvisation of sandy soils, the texture of the soil along with increased nutrients, etc. Buy organic fertilizers from Appeal Green, one of the recognized and proven names amogst Bio Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers.