Appeal Green’s “Green” India Initiative

October 11, 2018 – On the occasion of shubh Navratri Appeal Green formally inaugurated their Temple waste management plant in collaboration with the government. Chief guest hon’ble Dr. Umesh Gautam (Mayor, Bareilly) and guest of honor Mr. Rajesh Srivastava (Municipal Commissioner, Bareilly) blessed the event with their presence amidst hundreds of supporters and media.

Appeal Green is a government authorized firm and a trusted organization having strong community ties. The organization actively organizes initiatives like plantation drives, cleaning up parks and educating kids about values of Swachh Bharat.

Appeal Green’s green (and clean) india initiative is a unique start to addressing a critical problem – managing waste from temples, mosques, gurudwaras – which otherwise causes diseases and pollution. The waste from temples are dumped on roadside, thrown into river, or repurposed for other non religious purposes.

Appeal Green is devoted to recycling and reusing the flowers offered to dieties and produce 100% organic products like Vermicompost, incense sticks & cones. As per Saurabh Gaur and Rohan Kanhai (co-founders Appeal Green) this initiative will not only help recover from waste but also give back to the community in form of Organic compost to give life to health crops thereby contributing to overall health of the Indian population. Other organic products are also 100% free of any from of chemicals ensuring healthy lifestyle. Appeal Green is also devoted to enriching the overall temple experience for devotees by providing cleanliness in temples and ensuring religious sentiments are not hurt by misuse of offered flowers to Gods and Goddesses.

An important part of Appeal Green’s projects is also working towards upliftment of women by providing them employment and providing them a platform to explore their skills in various areas of work.

The firm has ongoing operations in Mathura/Vrindavan with Haridwar and Varanasi in the pipeline.