Tree Plantation Drive

August 26, 2018 – On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, various streams of Jyoti College of Management, Science and Technology in collaboration with team Appeal Green organized a tree plantation activity at its campus and appealed people to take a pledge to protect them and celebrate a Green Rakhi.

A total of 250 saplings, sponsored by Appeal Green, were planted in and around the campus by the students including neem, bael, nermi, mango, guava etc.

Mr. D. D. Sharma, Managing Director Jyoti College, encouraged students to plant more trees and take care of their plantations thereafter. He said that student have celebrated “Vriksha Bandhan” with great zeal showing their love towards the Nature.

Mr. Sharma stressed that college students must be connected with sapling plantation and awareness programmes which are key factors to encourage citizens to protect environment by planting trees. Plants should be grown to keep the environment green, clean, safe and healthy Mr. Sharma added.

In this successful event by Appeal Green, students showed great enthusiasm in planting them on the day of Raksha Bandhan and they knew their hard work would recharge ground water, prevent soil erosion, forest will become dense and yield more benefits.