Appeal Green Certified

August 10, 2018 – Appeal Green joins hands with a reputed research and certification authority. Certifying agriculture authority has been doing the research in various kind of composts for several years and has expertise in producing Vermicompost using Vermiculture technology. This technology is much more successful and productive than any other Vermiculture based on studies.

Appeal Green team has been working closely with scientists and researchers sharing their unique idea of producing Vermicompost from Temple Waste flowers. Researchers are seeing this as an opportunity to not only help out but treat this as a use case for their studies. Appeal Green team received a 2 week long intensive training to ensure best quality Vermicompost is produced from the derived secret recipe!

Director of certifying authority has greatly appreciated Appeal Green offering their full support and affiliation to the process which will not only produce 100% natural organic compost but also help the social cause of eliminating temple waste, which is a huge environmental challenge today.

Appeal Green signed a memorandum of understanding related to unique Vermiculture technology and got certified after completion of a successful training.