About Us

We Consume Your Waste!

Appeal Green Environmental Policy objective is to utilize 100% waste and eventually Zero waste generation. This can be achieved by Reducing upfront demand, Reusing materials wherever possible and Recycling (or down-cycling). Where these options are not practical, other environmentally sound treatment of waste should be used; eg energy Recovery or best practice disposal treatment.


It is our ‘Appeal’ to the community to join hands with us for this noble cause through one Healthy plant at a time.

We strongly believe in freeing the community of chemical based and genetically modified products. Best way to accomplish this is to bring your soil to life. Appeal Green offers an Organic 100% Natural Vermicompost for your home, lawn, garden and farms. Appeal Green Vermicompost is a result of several months of hard work, experiment and repetitive refining to get the best possible quality for an All Natural Organic produce.

Appeal Green is determined to eliminate TEMPLE WASTE which cause serious diseases by attracting rats, flies and mosquitoes to the dumps. This majorly impacts the young generation by infectants getting into their blood streams at early ages. Appeal Green utilizes the temple waste creatively for producing a variety of our handcrafted Organic products along with Organic compost.
By doing so, not only does Appeal Green help the community through elimination of temple waste but also preserve the importance of divine flowers offered to God without hurting religious feelings of the devotees.