Appeal Green: Heal The Earth To Heal Yourself

We have done enough damage to our planet and its occupants. It is high time that we start to repair, restore and replenish. With awareness being at its peak, now is the right time that you join us in our journey to the center of the problem. Appeal Green is working to nourish our planet and make it healthy again.

Our products are not your regular products that require heavy machinery and resources to make which burden the environment. Organic is the way to go! Our planet was not made to handle such atrocities of the modern world. Modernity sure has its pros but the cons are heavier and outweigh the advantages.

India is a country that has a highly religious population. With religion comes offering. People offer flowers and other items like jaggery, fruits, etc. to the Gods when they pray and most of the offerings are not properly disposed. When the flowers decay or dry up, they become a part of waste that is dumped into rivers or landfills. To prevent such a fate of the beautiful flowers of nature, we make organic products from flower waste by collecting the flower offerings from temples all year long which peaks during auspicious months like the Shravan Maas, Ganesh Chathurthi, Navratri, Deepawali – when the masses offer flowers to their deities. Along the process, we also educate people on the richness of Organic Fertilizers made with flowers. Organic fertilizers have significantly more benefits when compared to chemical fertilizers. Appeal Green’s Vermicompost Fertilizers are even more superior in quality due to the multi-step scientific and 100% organic process followed, which ensures the nutritious enrichment of the organic fertilizers to it’s best.

Incense sticks and incense cones have been used as a part of our daily rituals, be it for God or the essence. Inhaling the smoke left by these can be harmful in case the products have been mixed with other substances, especially if they are not natural. To get lost in the essence of incense and not contribute to the further degradation of the planet at the same time, we have 100% organic incense sticks and 100% organic incense cones as our products.

Even Earth Worms have joined their forces with us to make the Earth a better place to live in. If such a small creature can produce organic fertilizers by just it’s usual functioning, imagine what we human beings with our complex brains and authoritative powers can do to rebuild our home. Appeal Green appeals to you to join us in the process of Restoration.
We’ll build you a planet, you cannot accuse!


We are a company where creativity, compassion and dedication towards a global social cause rules.


  • Pushp Vatika Nursery

    Pushp Vatika Nursery

    Appeal Green’s Prithvi Tatva worm castings and worms help create a very nutrient dense soil. As we say in the healthy food world "You are what you eat", when it comes to gardening your plants are as good as the soil they are grown in. Prithvi Tatva adds life and nutrients to any soil to the point where it makes super easy way to have your best growing season ever!

  • Jyoti College of Science, Management and Technology

    Jyoti College of Science, Management and Technology

    Appeal Green Vermicompost Organic fertilizer has been without a doubt, the most amazing product we have ever used.
    We use it on all our vegetable & herb plants in our lawns. The plants all look so much more resilient than ever before. Diseases such as downey mildew are yesterday’s news. Insects are at a minimum. All the veggies seem to taste better than ever.